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Terms and Conditions

Angel Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use – ANGEL Mastercard

Important Notice: Angel Mastercard is a Stored Value prepaid Mastercard distributed by Metrotec Solutions Limited (“Metrotec") and ePaylinks Technology Co., Ltd (“ePaylinks") and authorized by Mastercard Asia/Pacific Ptd. Ltd Angel Mastercard is issued by ePaylinks Technology Co. Ltd. under the Stored Value Facility License (SVF license #0011) from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority ("HKMA") . In addition to the terms and conditions of Metrotec, contained herewith and as amended from time to time, ANGEL card is issued subject to the T&C's of ePaylinks ( For details, please refer to www.globalcash.hk/foot_service.html).

Activation and first use of ANGEL Card is an acknowledgement that the Cardholder agrees to be bound by all relevant T&C's.

1. Definition

In these T&C's the following terms have the meanings ascribed:

ANGEL: means a stored value Mastercard payment Card distributed and maintained by Metrotec and ePaylinks in Hong Kong under the Hong Kong Stored Value Facilities (SVF) Ordinance;

ANGEL or ANGEL Card or “We” or “us”: refers to ANGEL;

Prepaid Card:refers to the physical form of stored value ANGEL provided by Metrotec and ePaylinks, including both real-name registered prepaid Cards and anonymous prepaid Cards;

Account: refers to each of the independent electronic account under ANGEL, and identified by the Card number on the prepaid ANGEL;

Cardholder: means a person who purchases or uses ANGEL, or a person whose name has been registered as a holder of an ANGEL Card on the ANGEL website or App;

Effective date: refers to the period of time which ends on the expiry date embossed on each ANGEL Card;

Website or App: refers to the website: CardAngel.com and / or the ANGEL App;

Fee Table: refers to the "Standard charges to Cardholder" (as amended from time to time). For the latest version, please visit CardAngel.com or the ANGEL App;

Card Limit Table: refers to the "ANGEL Card Limit Table" (as amended from time to time). For the latest version, please visit CardAngel.com or the ANGEL App;

Stored Value: the amount of money stored in an ANGEL account;

Transaction Amount: refers to the amount of each transaction;

Transaction(s): refer(s) to any purchases of goods and / or services or cash withdrawals from ATMs using an ANGEL Card;

Overseas Transactions: refer to any purchases of goods and / or services carried out outside Hong Kong;

Hong Kong: the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China;

ATM: means any ATM of the Mastercard network.

2. About ANGEL

2.1 ANGEL™ is a Stored Value Prepaid Mastercard™. It can be topped up and used globally for online shopping, bill payment and ATM withdrawals anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

2.2 The expiry date of ANGEL is shown on the front of each Card. Cards will be renewed automatically subject to these T&C's unless cancelled by the Cardholder prior to the expiry date.

2.3 Funds stored on ANGEL do not earn any interest or return. They are not considered as deposits but are, instead, similar to cash in nature.

3. How ANGEL Works:

3.1 ANGEL has three levels:

a. “1-star” ANGEL is an unregistered Card. It has a relatively low financial limit. (See Card Limit Table). The Cardholder is not required to submit any personal information. Because a 1-star ANGEL Card is anonymous, if the Card is lost, stolen, or otherwise damaged or defaced in any way, the resulting loss will be entirely the responsibility of the Cardholder. Metrotec and its partners, affiliates and associates will not accept any liability for the resulting loss under any circumstance.

b. “3-star” ANGEL has a higher financial limit. (See Card Limit Table). To qualify for 3-star status the Cardholder must provide all the required personal information and documents.

c. “5-star” ANGEL has the highest possible financial limit. (See Card Limit Table). To qualify for 5-star status the Cardholder must provide all the required personal information and documents. In addition, the Cardholder can bind their China local bank account (or make a bank transfer) to their ANGEL Card. The holder’s name of the bound bank account must be the same as the Cardholder’s ANGEL account.

3.2 ANGEL Cardholders can upgrade their Card from 1- to 3- or 5-star level at any time on the ANGEL App or at CardAngel.com. By activating and using their ANGEL Card, the Cardholder acknowledge that they have a clear understanding of the terms, conditions, limits, risks and responsibilities of their chosen Card level.

4. Acquiring and Topping Up ANGEL

4.1 ANGEL Card can be purchased through any ANGEL's authorised distributors or ordered online at CardAngel.com or from the ANGEL App. Such distributors will assist in real-name registrations and top-ups.

4.2 Maximum 2 ANGEL Cards allowed for one user.Starting from September 7th 2020, regardless of how many cards a cardholder holds, the total annual transaction value of each cardholder (that is, the total transaction amount of spending, transfers and ATM) are:

3-Star - 90,000RMB / 100,000HKD/ 13,000USD and
5-Star - 180,000RB/ 200,000HKD / 26,000USD

4.3 All ANGEL Cards, including anonymous 1-star ANGEL Cards, must be activated via the ANGEL App or at CardAngel.com before use.

4.4 After activation all ANGEL Cards require a minimum initial top up of HK$300 / RMB300 / US$50. ANGEL can only be topped up via the ANGEL App, CardAngel.com by following the instructions on the ANGEL App or at CardAngel.com. ANGEL Card can be topped up repeatedly subject to the limits set out in the Card Limit Table. If the amount of the top-up exceeds the prescribed limit, Metrotec and ePaylinks may at their sole discretion: - fully refund the top-up amount; - deposit the Cardholder’s funds into the ANGEL account in stages in order to avoid exceeding the prescribed top-up limit (by the most appropriate way according to ePaylinks); - suspend the Cardholders account. If Cardholders repeatedly attempt to exceed the top-up limit of their ANGEL account, Metrotec and ePaylinks may, at their sole discretion, terminate the Cardholder’s account.

4.5 When an ANGEL Card is successfully topped up, the Cardholder will receive a confirmation message through their registered mobile phone. Cardholders should log in to Angel’s account and check the accuracy of the stored value. Cardholders should notify ANGEL Customer Service (ACS) within 30 days in case of discrepancy. After such time, all top-up transactions will be deemed to be correct and therefore Cardholders must bear all the relevant risks and responsibilities.

4.6 Due to time zone differences and international settlement procedures, top-ups and purchase transactions may take up to 48 hours to be updated into the Cardholder’s account. Therefore, information displayed in a Cardholder’s account may not be a real-time reflection of all transactions made and / or the available balance. Cardholders should log in to their ANGEL Card account regularly to check their available balance. If a Cardholder accumulates five declined transactions due to insufficient funds, their ANGEL Card will be locked in order to secure the Cardholder’s account. If an ANGEL Card is locked, the Cardholder should contact ACS to arrange for their Card to be unlocked.

5. Using ANGEL

5.1 ANGEL Card can be used globally at any terminal, website and automatic cash machine that accepts Mastercard. When a Cardholder conducts an overseas or non-local currency transaction with ANGEL Card, an overseas fee and / or non-local currency transaction fee will be incurred. For details, refer to the ANGEL Fee Table.

5.2 When ANGEL is used to make a payment, the Cardholder must present the ANGEL Card and sign the transaction voucher with the same signature at the back of the ANGEL Card. In cases where a merchant operates a Point of Sale machine (POS) which requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN), the Cardholder may be required to enter their PIN in order to complete the transaction.

If ANGEL is used online or at an ATM, the Cardholder must enter the PIN. If the signature or PIN does not match, the transaction will be rejected. The Cardholder is responsible for all resulting risks and liabilities, thus Cardholders should keep the ANGEL Card safe and not allow any access to the Card by third parties.

5.3 When the Cardholder conducts a transaction, he/she will be notified via their registered mobile phone. The Cardholder must ensure that their ANGEL account has the required funds. If there are insufficient funds, the transaction will be rejected. Any costs incurred by a merchant as a result of a declined transaction are the responsibility of the Cardholder.

5.4 The amount of each successful transaction will be deducted from the Cardholder’s ANGEL account immediately. Once a transaction is confirmed, it cannot be cancelled.

5.5 After the completion of a transaction, the registered mobile phone of the Cardholder will receive a message confirming the completion of the transaction. But Cardholders should log in to their ANGEL account after each transaction to ensure that the transaction, stored value and other information are accurate. Should there be any issue with any transaction, the Cardholder must notify ACS within 30 days. If no complaint about a particular transaction is registered with ACS within the prescribed period, the said transaction will be deemed to be final and the Cardholder will be fully responsible for all the related costs and consequences.

5.6 Funds can be transferred from an ANGEL Card to any other ANGEL Cards in the same currency. 5-star ANGEL Card holders who are holding Cards denominated in RMB can also make a transfer to a bank account in China which is registered in the same name as the ANGEL Card.

5.7 When making a Card-to-Card transfer to another ANGEL account, the Cardholder must ensure that the transfer amount and the payee's information are accurate; otherwise the transfer may be returned or sent to the wrong ANGEL account. The Cardholder is responsible for the risks and liabilities caused by the error.

5.8 When dealing with certain merchants (including but not limited to hotels and restaurants), the Cardholder should be aware that the transaction amount may include additional charges (including but not limited to tips and gratuity). If there is any doubt about such additional fees, the Cardholder should communicate directly with the merchant.

5.9 It is not advisable for a Cardholder to use ANGEL for pre-authorisations such as payments for deposits etc. as the merchant may pre-estimate and hold the pre-estimated amount against the Cardholder’s available balance. This would mean that the pre-estimated amount would be temporarily unavailable for use. Although only the actual amount on the final bill will be deducted from ANGEL, it may take up to 45 days from the date of the transaction for the amount difference to be available for use again.

5.10 Cardholders can check their past 12 months of transactions free of charge at CardAngel.com or on the ANGEL App. Cardholders can also request a copy of the transaction records for the past 3 years from ACS subject to the relevant fee as indicated in the Fee Table.

5.11 Subject to a relevant fee (see Fee Table), Cardholders can request ACS to investigate any doubtful transaction within 30 days of the date of the transaction. The relevant fee will be charged regardless of the result of the investigation.

5.12 A fee for low value transactions will be charged. (See Fee Table).

5.13 If ANGEL is not used for a continuous period of six months, a fee will be charged. (See Fee Table).

5.14 ANGEL account cannot be overdrawn.

5.15 Cardholders must comply with the laws of Hong Kong and to ensure that ANGEL Card is used in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The Cardholder is responsible for the use of ANGEL and cannot use it for illegal acts, including but not limited to, damage to others' credibility, fraud, infringement of privacy and trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights and patents, money laundering, the mobilisation of funds for terrorists, the purchase of weapons, drugs, pirated software and gambling.

6. Renewing your ANGEL

6.1 The renewal period of ANGEL is between 90 days before and 30 days after the expiry date. The registered Cardholder can submit a renewal application at CardAngel.com or on the ANGEL App and provide personal identification and relevant supporting documents, enter the verification code to apply for renewal of ANGEL Card. For each renewal, Card is valid for approximately 3 years. There is no limit on the number of renewal.

6.2 After successful renewal of ANGEL, funds from the original account will be transferred to the Cardholder’s new account. If an ANGEL account is not renewed within 30 days from the expiry date, the account will be closed and the relevant fees will be charged. If the closed account still has funds on hand, Cardholders can apply for a refund subject to the relevant fee. (See Fee Table).

7. ANGEL Security

7.1 Upon activation of ANGEL, the Cardholder must sign on the back of the Card. The signature must match the signature used during the application / activation process and is not transferable. Cards found to have signatures which are not consistent with the records of Metrotec will be cancelled.

7.2 The Cardholder is responsible for taking all reasonable and practical steps to ensure the safety of their ANGEL Card, password and other security information.

7.3 The Cardholder must not allow third parties to use or have access to their ANGEL Card, password, PIN or other security information.

7.4 The Cardholder must not write or record the password, PIN or other security information on their ANGEL Card.

7.5 ANGEL accounts will be locked if a Cardholder makes five consecutive login, or transaction password (PIN) entry errors on the same day. ANGEL will also be locked if a Card transaction is declined 5 times due to insufficient funds. Login password or transaction password input errors will be automatically unlocked at midnight Hong Kong time on the following day. Cardholders can also contact ACS to arrange for the release of a locked ANGEL Card.

7.6 In order to protect Cardholders’ funds, there are limits on the transaction amount and transaction frequency of ANGEL. (See the Card Limit Table for details). If there are any questions about this limit, Cardholder can inquire ACS.

7.7 If a Cardholder becomes aware that his/her ANGEL Card has been stolen or used improperly or if a third party may have access to the password, PIN or other security information, the Cardholder should immediately call the ePaylinks Customer Service Hotline at +86 400-678-6688 to lock the ANGEL Card. If the lost Card, password or other security information is subsequently found, it is recommended that the Cardholder terminates that ANGEL Card and arranges a new replacement card in order to protect the Cardholder's interest. ANGEL can also be locked via the Lock Key function on the ANGEL App and / or at CardAngel.com. ANGEL Cards which have been locked after being reported stolen or improperly used cannot be reactivated. Instead, the Cardholder can request and activate a new Card through the normal Card activation procedures.

7.8 Cardholders should log in to the ANGEL App or CardAngel.com regularly. If the Cardholder finds any error or suspicious use of their account, they should notify ACS immediately. Errors or unexplained uses of the Cardholder’s account must be notified within 30 days of the transaction date. Reports filed after 30 days will not be entertained. In such case the Cardholder will be responsible for any loss incurred.

7.9 In the event of improper use, unlawful use and / or theft of ANGEL Card or inadequate protection of the physical Card, its PIN, password and other security details, the Cardholder shall bear all losses and liabilities for any loss or damage caused by such conduct.

7.10 1-star anonymous ANGEL Cards should be treated like cash. The Cardholder is responsible for any form of loss and liability no matter how it was incurred.

7.11 Losses incurred as a result of (but not limited to) Cardholder’s fraud, dishonesty, breach of these Terms and Conditions, failure to immediately report Card loss, theft or improper use etc. are the responsibilities of the Cardholder.

8. Reporting Loss

8.1 Lost or stolen Cards should be immediately reported to ACS or ePaylinks lost Card hotline +86 400-678-6688. Cards reported lost or stolen will be locked. Cardholder can also lock the Card via the ANGEL App. Cardholders can apply for a replacement via ACS or on the ANGEL App or at CardAngel.com. To ensure the security of the Cardholder's account, the ACS will authenticate the Cardholder. If the Cardholder fails to provide valid identity document and transaction proof, the remaining stored value in the Angel account will not be refunded.

8.2 After successful application of the replacement of ANGEL Card, the remaining stored value of the lost Card can be transferred to the new ANGEL Card account. A handling fee will be charged according to the standard table of fees which forms part of these Terms and Conditions. (See Fee Table).

8.3 The identity of a 1-star anonymous ANGEL Cardholder cannot be verified; therefore, it is not possible to report loss or theft. The Cardholder is responsible for all the relevant risks.

9. The Relationship between Merchants and Cardholders

9.1 Any merchant or service provider has the right to decide whether or not to accept ANGEL Card as a means of payment.

9.2 The Cardholder must ensure that ANGEL Card has sufficient stored value to cover the cost of each transaction. If the stored value is insufficient to meet the billed amount, the transaction will be rejected. The Cardholder is solely responsible for any loss or damage which results from a declined transaction due to insufficient funds.

9.3 Metrotec cannot and will not be involved in any dispute between a Cardholder and a merchant nor responsible for the actions and decisions of any merchant. Cardholder should communicate directly with the merchant or service provider to settle any dispute between them. Any dispute or legal action that a Cardholder may have with a merchant or a service provider does not relieve the Cardholder of their risks and responsibilities under these Terms and Conditions.

9.4 Metrotec can only refund any disputed amount to the Cardholder’s ANGEL account if Metrotec receives a full refund from the merchant with whom the disputed transaction occurred.

10. Handling Fees and Other Fees

10.1 Use of ANGEL Card indicates the Cardholder has read and accepted the fees and charges detailed in these Terms and Conditions and in the attached Fee Table.

10.2 The Fee Table indicates the fees and limits determined and charged by Metrotec. It does not include any additional fees or restrictions or limits set by Metrotec's appointed sales agents, partners, operators and merchants.

10.3 If a Cardholder fails to pay any handling charge or fee in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, Metrotec will deduct such fees from the stored balance of any of the Cardholder’s ANGEL Card accounts without prior notice.

11. Suspension, Termination and Stored Value Refund

11.1 Metrotec may at any time suspend, cancel or terminate any ANGEL Card and / or any service and / or disapprove any transaction for any reason (including but not limited to anti-money laundering and risk management) without notifying the Cardholder.

11.2 Cardholder may cancel their ANGEL Card at any time by giving written notice to Metrotec. Cardholder will remain responsible for all losses and liabilities resulting from previous use of ANGEL Card even after their ANGEL account has been closed.

11.3 After an ANGEL Card account has been closed for whatever reason, the Cardholder should immediately destroy the associated ANGEL Card by cutting it in half or by shredding the Card. The Cardholder remains responsible for all losses and liabilities until the Card is properly destroyed.

11.4 To refund the balance of any 5-star RMB ANGEL Card which has been bound to a Cardholder’s China local bank account, the Cardholder can simply transfer any remaining fund to the account through the ANGEL App or at CardAngel.com. For 3-star RMB ANGEL Cardholders, please visit the Metrotec Hong Kong Office in person for refunds. However, only when a 1-star RMB ANGEL account is upgraded to a 3-star or a 5-star account can a refund be made.

11.5 Cardholders of 3-star or 5-star HKD or USD ANGEL Card can apply for refunds from the 7th day of the last transaction. Cardholders must submit valid identity documents, ANGEL Cards and proofs of the latest top-up and transactions to the Metrotec Hong Kong Office in person when applying for refunds. If a Cardholder fails to provide the required documents, Metrotec reserves the right to reject the application, and the balance in the ANGEL Card will not be refunded. In all cases, the balance will be calculated and refunded to the Cardholder within 30 days of the termination of ANGEL Card, after deducting the relevant fees (see Fee Table) in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the ANGEL Card. The refund will be mailed to the registered address of the Cardholder in the form of a cheque.

12. Use of ANGEL App and CardAngel.com

By downloading the ANGEL App or visiting CardAngel.com, you are agreeing to and accepting the following terms of use:

13. Copyright, Security and Versions

13.1 The content of ANGEL App and website is the property of Metrotec and cannot be copied, reproduced or distributed in any format without the express written permission of Metrotec.

13.2 Usage of ANGEL App and website are at the risk of the user. While Metrotec takes every precaution to ensure the safety and security of its electronic interfaces, it is not liable for any damage or loss as a result of viruses or malware of any kind which may be transmitted during use.

13.3 Regular updates are required to ensure the continued functionality and security of the ANGEL App. Ordinarily these updates will be downloaded automatically. However, you may be required to download and install updates manually depending on the types of devices being used. In some instances, you may not be able to use the ANGEL App until the latest version has been downloaded and installed.

14. Security

14.1 Use of the App or CardAngel.com or any of the online services provided by Metrotec for any unlawful, fraudulent or malicious purpose is strictly prohibited.

14.2 Transmission of defamatory or offensive content or material through any ANGEL platform is strictly prohibited.

14.3 Using the ANGEL App or CardAngel.com in a way that may damage the systems of Metrotec is strictly prohibited.

14.4 Invading the privacy of Metrotec's systems and its customers by attempting to collect personal data and information or by attempting to corrupt, copy, delete or otherwise manipulate any of Metrotec's data and infrastructure is strictly prohibited.

15. Angel Account Information

15.1 Data and Account Information on the ANGEL App and at CardAngel.com may not reflect recent transactions in real time. Some recent transactions may not appear and / or your Card balance may not be displayed accurately due to time zone differences, settlement schedules and system limitations. In order to avoid these issues as much as possible, Cardholders should refresh the ANGEL App or visit CardAngel.com frequently in order to ensure the latest data is loaded.

16. Angel Offers and Promotions

16.1 The ANGEL App and CardAngel.com contain many special offers, promotions and incentives. All of these contents are being constantly updated to reflect the latest and most up-to-date information. The offers and / or promotions displayed on the ANGEL App and at CardAngel.com may change anytime without prior warnings. Cardholders should contact merchants directly for the latest and most up-to-date ANGEL Card offers. Metrotec is not responsible for any loss or disappointment resulting from changes in the offers and promotions offered by ANGEL merchants.

17. Continuity of Service

17.1 Metrotec strives to do everything in its power to guarantee the accuracy and 24/7 availability of its online services, the ANGEL App and CardAngel.com. However, we cannot guarantee an uninterrupted service due to events and circumstances which are beyond our control. Therefore, Metrotec is not responsible for losses or damages or claims arising from the non-availability or compromised availability or errors on and with our platforms due to technical faults, non-availability, interruptions, errors in transmission, illegal activities, virus, malware, denial-of-service attacks, Force Majeure or Zombie Apocalypse.

18. Personal Data and Privacy

For details, please refer to Privacy Policy.

19. Revision and Notification

19.1 Metrotec and ePaylinks may from time to time amend any of these Terms and Conditions but will notify Cardholders 30 days prior to any amendment on the terms and conditions which affect the costs, charges, liabilities or obligations at ANGEL website or from time to time issue a notice to Cardholders. However, this is not the case if the modification is beyond the control of Metrotec or ePaylinks, or the change is for immediate compliance with the law or for the safe operation of the ANGEL system.

19.2 It is the responsibility of the Cardholders to regularly visit the ANGEL website to ensure timely notifications are received. Cardholders can propose opposition to any new Term or Condition of use within 14 days from the date the new Terms and Conditions was first published on the ANGEL App or on CardAngel.com. Otherwise, Cardholders are deemed to have accepted the new Terms and Conditions. Retention and continued use of ANGEL Card also constitute acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions by the Cardholder. If a Cardholder does not accept any modification of the Terms and Conditions, the Cardholder may request to terminate the ANGEL Card.

20. Responsibility for the Terms

20.1 Unless otherwise required by law or these Terms and Conditions, Metrotec will not be liable to the Cardholder or any third party owing to the loss or damage of an ANGEL Card.

20.2 Metrotec is not the owner or operator of any ATM or Point of Sale terminal and therefore is not responsible for ensuring that all ATMs or Point of Sale terminals accept and complete ANGEL Card transactions. Cardholder may contact and deal with the operators of these services directly in case of any losses or claims caused by the use of such services. Metrotec / ePaylinks will not engage in such disputes.

21. Law and Language

21.1 These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong. The Cardholder irrevocably accepts the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong court and the terms and conditions may also be enforced in any court with jurisdiction.

21.2 Metrotec and ePaylinks reserve the right to refuse to process, pay or comply with any instruction for any transaction that is considered or suspected to be directly or indirectly involved in gambling or illegal activities.

21.3 The term "use" includes the presentation of prepaid Cards for the acquisition of products, services and / or cash withdrawal.

22. Others

22.1 If any of the terms and conditions of these T&C's become unlawful, invalid or unenforceable at any time, the remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected or harmed.

22.2 The rights and / or obligations of the Cardholder contained in these T&C's are not transferable.

23. Contact Us

23.1 If Cardholders have any questions or comments regarding ANGEL, please call ACS at +852 2812-0100, lost Card hotline +86 400-678-6688 (24 hours) or email to AngelCare@CardAngel.com.

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