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Privacy Policy

Angel Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Metrotec Solutions Limited (“the Company”) and ePaylinks Technology Co. Ltd. understand the importance of privacy and are committed to keeping the personal data of every Angel Mastercard holder (“Cardholder”) strictly confidential.

1. Collection of Personal Information

In order to provide its products & services, the Company collects certain personal information from each Cardholder; this information includes (but is not limited to) the full name, passport / identity card and a copy (if applicable) of such identity card or travel document, bank account details, address and telephone number.

When collecting personal data, the Company may inspect original documents and/or collect copies of documents from the Cardholder as the circumstances require.

Disclosure of personal information to the Company is subject to the consent of the Cardholder. Failure to provide related information may prevent the Cardholder from enjoying the services and products the Company provides.

2. Use of Data of Cardholder

The purpose of collecting Cardholder data is to facilitate the approval of applications (for example verifying the identity of the Cardholder), to regulate or manage the services or products purchased or applied for by the Cardholder, to handle card transactions (for example top-up, bank transfer or withdrawal), to conduct market research, to perform research and statistical analysis of cardholder information, to notify cardholders the latest news (for example information about the Company’s services and/or products), to enable the Company to fulfil any legal liabilities (for example to comply with the relevant provisions of “Payment Systems and Stored Value Facilities Ordinance”).

For the purposes listed above, the Cardholder’s data may be used by the Company, or any third-party contractors, data handlers of subcontractors or service suppliers appointed by the Company as well as any legally regulated or empowered regulatory authorities, law enforcement agencies, courts and arbitration or legal tribunals.

Such information may be transferred to a place outside Hong Kong for the uses listed above. If such information needs to be transferred, the Company will take appropriate protective measures.

3. Use of Cardholder Data in Direct Marketing

The Company intends to use a Cardholder’s data in direct marketing and the Company requires the Cardholder’s consent (which includes an indication of no objection) for that purpose. Please note that:

a) the Company will not transfer or disclose a Cardholder’s data to subcontractors for direct marketing without the Cardholder’s consent. However, upon receiving the consent from the Cardholder, the Company may transfer or disclose the Cardholder’s name, address, telephone number and email address to our associated Company’s offices in Hong Kong or overseas for direct marketing of the Company’s services and/or products;

b) the Company will use the personal information collected or stored, including the Cardholder’s name, address, telephone number and email address, from time to time for purpose of direct marketing;

c) direct marketing includes but not limited to the following classes of services and/or products: the latest news on the Company’s current and/or upcoming products and services such as events, promotions, and marketing research;

d) the Company may authorize data handlers of subcontractors or service suppliers (including but not limited to information companies, telecommunication companies and information technology companies) to perform the aforementioned direct marketing on behalf of the Company;

If a Cardholder consents (which includes an indication of no objection) to the above means of direct marketing, it implies that the Cardholder agrees that the Company can use the Cardholder’s personal data for the aforementioned purposes. The Company will provide a Cardholder the opportunity to indicate his/her desire when collecting the Cardholder’s personal data; and if a Cardholder does not wish the Company to use his/her personal data for the aforementioned direct marketing or has any inquiries on the use of his/her personal data, the Cardholder can contact the Company (by emailing to angelcare@cardangel.com)at any time. When a Cardholder initiates such a request or inquiry, the Cardholder should provide the details of his/her personal data. In general, the Company is able to reply or complete the procedures on the withdrawal of consent within 14 working days upon receiving the Cardholder’s request.

4. Storage of Personal Information of Cardholder and Measures on Information Protection

The Company is committed to keeping the personal data provided by a Cardholder confidential. A Cardholder’s personal data will only be kept over a period of time in accordance with the requirements of the related legislation or as stated in the Company’s internal guidelines.

The Company is committed to keeping the personal data provided by a Cardholder confidential. Only authorized staff or data handlers of subcontractors or service suppliers appointed by the Company can access or handle personal data.

The Company will provide sufficient protective measures to prevent unauthorized and/or accidental access, disclosure, changes and/or destruction of a Cardholder’s personal data while it is being stored, used or transmitted. While the Company takes all reasonable and feasible precautions and security measures to protect Cardholder’s personal data, there is no absolutely safe measure when sending and saving data online. The Company cannot guarantee the safety of the personal data of any Cardholder provided online. Unless there is valid proof of negligence, otherwise the Company will not take up any responsibilities.

5. Access and Change of Personal Information

A Cardholder may contact the Company’s customer service department or access the Company’s website to check whether the Company holds personal information about him/her; the Company can charge the Cardholder at a reasonable price for providing the copies of such information.

To ensure the accuracy of the personal information held by the Company, Cardholders should inform the Company of any changes to their personal details as soon as possible.

6. Amendment of this Privacy Policy

The Company may review and revise this privacy policy from time to time. In the event of any amendment, update or correction, a revised version will be posted on the Company’s website. Cardholders should be alert to notices issued by the Company amending or updating this privacy policy.

7. Other Issues

Please be cautious when disclosing personal data online. Such information may be collected and used by other parties. A Cardholder must keep his/her personal data strictly confidential for that reason.

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