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Enjoy 15% off for NGH hypnosis course

Modern life is full of stress, tormenting people’s poor and over-sensitive nerves, and giving rise to all various hidden mental conditions that do not often attain sufficient attention but neglected. Ever thought of hypnotherapy as the solution? HK Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Institute (HPHI) offers a full range of psychological and hypnotic treatments, alongside international-recognised hypnotherapist certificate courses. HPHI will debunk all mysteries around hypnotism, while giving insight into sub-consciousness and mental activities. Embark on the mental journey with HPHI specialists!


HPHI Sham Shui Po

HPHI San Po Kong


Modern life often brings about unwanted stress and pressure that could be detrimental to our mental-psychological wellness. HK Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Institute (HPHI) is committed to offering a full range of psychological and hypnotical treatments, while as an educational institute giving various international-recognized hypnotherapist certificate courses.

Owing to media influence, hypnotism is often depicted as something mystic beyond the slightest understanding. Yet as a matter of fact, hypnotism is scientific and reliable, theoretically and clinically. Ever since the 90s, hypnotherapist has already been listed to be among the best ten professions. Hypnotherapy comes as the systematic solution that probes into an individual’s deeper sub-consciousness to understand the root of a given problem in question, thereby addressing the issues concerned. On top of that, hypnotherapy also functions to unlock and enhance one’s hidden potentials, retrieve lost memories, retain body fitness and beauty, and more.

Treatments and courses at HPHI are all handled by certified specialists in the field. The featured “NGH Hypnosis Course” is approved by National Guild of Hypnosis (NGH). Graduates of the course can register under NGH and obtain several certifications in a row, including “American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) – Certified Hypnotherapist” & “ICHA – Certificate in Cognitive Hypnotherapy.”

Mental health is crucial and indispensable to one’s overall wellness. HPHI allows you a thorough understanding of hypnotherapy, where for one who looks to become a hypnotherapist, HPHI makes the destination! Pick up hypnotic knowledge, become a hypnotherapist, then embrace more positive life that kicks off from your sub-consciousness!

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(852) 2626 1828

9/F, Lee King Industrial Building, 12 Ng Fong Street, San Po Kong


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