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47% off "601 seconds" skincare & premium gift @NEW BEAUTY EXPRESS

•47% off “601-seconds,” incl. LASER HAIR REMOVAL CARE & SKIN RENEWAL CARE
(save HK$7,200 for extra 15 beauty sessions)
•PLUS one EFG-series product

  • 601 seconds-concept laser treatment for deep-cleansed, tightened and whitened, water-fed, delicate skin.
  • Premium skincare products from Korea.


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New Beauty Express
Shop 2054, 2/F, Kolour Mall (Phase 1), Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan



(852) 2728 6918



Mon - Sun 11:00-21:00




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New Beauty Express (NBE) is a forward-looking beauty brand that leads the field and keeps abreast with the rising trend, revolutionising what we are used to across the beauty industry. NBE is committed to giving convenient solutions for modern, busy cosmopolitan ladies to enjoy secure, effective and exclusive premium beauty services.

No time for treatment? No worries; the NBE solution will do the trick!
New Beauty Express (NBE) imported the “601 seconds” beauty concept from Hollywood the US, where you will secure natural glowing skin, swiftly and promptly. 2-3 sessions a week, and over six weeks, each session ten minutes – and this will remove dead skin, improve age-old acne marks, whiten and tighten skin, while getting moisture deep into your skin for water-fed glowing complexion! Something to expect! Now with NBE, we no longer need to undergo hours of treatments at beauty centres!

NBE stresses the acquisition of quality medi-cosmetic devices, while sparing no cost for the training of service and treatment professionals. Customers can therefore indulge in safe, premium treatments under the care of qualified specialists.

With Asian skin as the blueprint, NBE comes up with various purifying, whitening & cleansing skincare services and products, committed to pampering all ladies with premium products, that are effective and offered at reasonable prices.

NBE offers signature Korean EGF series products, promoting metabolic rate for skin of perfect delicateness, higher elasticity and moisture content. Exclusive and person-oriented – NBE products are truly best in class!

True beauty is not equivalent to dear cost! NBE stands fast to the vision that as long as cost is well managed, a lot of dispensable spending could be spared to allow a far lower treatment/product price charged to customers, so that more people who pursue beauty can access premium beauty experience at reasonable price.

NBE upholds its exclusive beauty concept through and through, that is, in order to fit in with the tight schedule of city dwellers, spend the least time for the greatest skincare effect, that comes in full range of sectors, like hair removal, facial cleansing, moisturising, whitening, tightening, and more.

Terms and Conditions

– Enjoy the offers or privileges by presenting a valid ANGEL Card.
– Subject to terms and conditions of ANGEL Card.
– This offer is ONLY applicable to new customers who are above 18.
– Each new customer can only enjoy the offer for once.
– This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.
– This offer or gift cannot be exchanged for cash and other treatments/products.
– For any disputes, New Beauty Express retains the final decision.

(852) 2728 6918

Shop 2054, 2/F, Kolour Mall (Phase 1), Chung On Street, Tsuen Wan


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    Mon - Sun 11:00-21:00

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