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Hong Kong

HONG KONG PUB CRAWL pub & bar tour best of HK nightlife

  • Grab the best of Hong Kong’s world-renowned nightlife wilderness.
  • Tour around all wonderful bars and pubs amid night excitement, meeting nightlife enthusiasts and making the best drink deals.



Hong Kong Pub Crawl
Boom Shack (8-12 Wo On Lane, Central)







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Founded in 2010, Hong Kong Pub Crawl (HKPC) is an award-winning tour operator of local prestige and beyond. Obviously as its name suggests, HKPC tours around nowhere but all the best bars and pubs in Hong Kong.

Their crawls are well-known for off-the-beaten track venues, excellent drink deals, and the best way to meet nightlife enthusiasts – travellers, expats, and locals – from Hong Kong and around the world.

Speaking of Hong Kong nightlife, one cannot forget Lan Kwai Fong probably the landmark of all local night excitements. HKPC’s signature Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) Crawl in Central runs every Thursday through Hong Kong’s SOHO and LKF districts. On top of all LKF fun, horse racing in Happy Valley is what signifies Hong Kong as well. To add a horse racing twist to pub crawl fun, HKPC organizes tours in partnership with the Hong Kong Jockey Club, where HKPC buddies will show around through all the iconic horse races in Happy Valley, then followed by an indispensable pub crawl in the Wanchai bar district.

Not forget that HKPC’s pub crawls are not events confined to specific venues but mobile parties, taking participants aback with the best nightlife fun and moving from one destination to another. No waiting! Now embrace and delight the night with the best HKPC guides!

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Boom Shack (8-12 Wo On Lane, Central)


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